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Civil Engineering Card Sets

On-the-Job Training for New Engineers

Our card sets cover the products and concepts in different civil engineering sub-disciplines. The cards are designed to teach the real-world vocabulary and concepts needed to work in the industry using easy to follow descriptions and photos. Each release covers a different area of civil engineering.

What our Customers say...

This is the type of information I have been searching for and never been able to find. I just ordered five copies for all my younger engineers.
Terry H.
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Curriculum tends to stray away from the operational and maintenance components in water resource engineering. This set definitely bridges the gap, allowing for novice engineers to have an easy to use field guide. It helps in the realm of performing inspections. Definitely recommend!
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Water Distribution Card Set

Speak like a Professional Engineer

Easy, practical training for civil engineers who want to know the important parts of a water distribution system.

  • Over 100 topics crammed into 80 cards covering subjects from water pipe, water distribution components, pump stations, water services and water system operation and maintenance.
  • Product pictures, diagrams, and installation photos to help with understanding topics and identifying things in the field.
  • Real-world language engineers need to sound like an experienced professional in the water distribution field.
  • Helping engineers new to water systems quickly master the main topics so they can contribute to projects and meetings.
Water Distribution Training Cards

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Our Mission:

Providing new engineers with the "on-the-job" knowledge that is not taught in school.

On-the-Job Cards is a tiny Texas company made up of a couple of civil engineers that love teaching the practical side of engineering. Frustrated by how ineffective current training material was, On-the-Job Cards set out to better equip the next generation of engineers.


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